Dear friends.  We have an announcement.  This year, there will be no edition of BEM.  It’s been 3 years since we decided to launch what back then seemed like a totally crazy idea; electronic music everywhere, at the same time, across the entire city.  We were as surprised as anyone to see the beautiful, epic result. 3 editions, each one larger and more ambitious than the last, hundreds and hundreds of venues, local collectives, artists, and events supported by hundreds of volunteers and many thousands of you.  A humble idea which became the largest event of its kind in Belgium (100% local, urban, electronic). We’re really grateful, proud, and happy when we look back at it all, truly.

It is however also the right time to pause, for a moment, and consider the journey so far, what it brought, and frankly, what it cost.  What many of you may not know is that BEM has always been a volunteer-led organisation. That we did what we did purely out of passion, and not out of a more classical ‘commercial’ logic (which isn’t a dirty word, just different).  We worked for a whole year on each edition, week-in and week-out, meeting in the evenings and weekends for people who had full-time jobs. The result is an incredible expression of what’s possible when we pull together, out of a runaway love for this city, and for electronic music.   You might just say that we’re crazy, and we wouldn’t disagree.   

In the spirit of openness we can’t tell you what the future will hold.  We have so very many ideas and dreams, and as is always the case, there’s not enough time or resources to realise them all.  Music is a bit like food; there are many ways to “cook” something up, especially when we have such wonderful ingredients. For now we’re going to let the garden recover and grow, so that when we come back to the kitchen, it will be with renewed energy, and some new and improved recipes - we ain’t finished cooking yet.     

Lastly, while this text is all about BEM, we also want to add that there are just fantastic things going on in our city, both on the surface and hidden away.  Amazing artists, wonderful collectives, organisations, venues, parties and events, and that all those people behind them are heroes, all of them. Trying to bring people together around music, whether as an artist or as an organiser is seriously, seriously hard work.  Next time you attend one, give someone who’s working there a high-five, and give someone next to you a smile. We’re all there to enjoy that air vibrating, after all, and what goes around, comes around.  

If you’d like to thank our team in any way, if you’d like to share a memory or write to us privately, we’re all ears.

In return, we can’t thank you enough.  This city, its representatives, its people, its collectives, its artists, its venues, its music lovers, and most of all, our crazy, beautiful team.

L’union fait la force

Team BEM


If you have any questions about the above, or just want to send us your love, write us at: