Our Offer:

During BEM18, the BEM Presale Bracelet gives the wearer the possibility of reduced price entry to participating BEM venues, following the conditions on this page and our Ts&Cs. You can typically save between 2 and 5 euros per event, and can be used once per event, but for multiple events!

More music for everybody :)


In order to receive this Bracelet all we ask in return is that you sign up to our mailing list, through which you’ll find out about our events first, this you can do below.

Already Signed up?
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Bracelet pickup

  • Bracelets can only be picked up at info points during or just before BEM18. You can find a list of info points and their opening times here.

  • You must be able to show the confirmation email that you’ve joined our mailing list :)

  • You can pick up only one bracelet per person and mailing list signup.

How it works

and what you ( = I) agree to

What I get:

  • The BEM Presale Bracelet gives the wearer (that's me, hiii) the right to obtain entry to participating BEM18 venues at the presale price instead of the door price.  This is typically a saving of 3-5 euros. Schwing!

To obtain the Bracelet, I agree to:

  • Sign up to the BEM newsletter, so I'm the first to hear about everything

Optionally, because I'm a real, serious fan:
(but not, like, creepy or anything)

  • Like BEM on Facebook (link)

  • Add the BEM18 frame to my profile picture (link) on Facebook and/or publish a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #BEM18 (and I can go crazy if I want to, owee!)

A few things to note:

  • To obtain the presale price, I must wear the Bracelet upon arrival at the participating venue, and the Bracelet should not be cut/destroyed or tampered with.

  • Bracelets are only valid for one individual from the 12th to 14th October 2018.

  • Bracelets shall be provided as long as stocks last. BEM shall not be liable if the Bracelets are no longer available at any time during the event.

  • I can use the bracelet at more than one participating event.

By opting in to the offer above, I agree to subscribe to the Brussels Electronic Marathon (BEM) newsletter and hereby acknowledge that I have read and agreed the BEM Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Some last words from us at BEM:

We care about your privacy, and only want to keep you informed about BEM.

We work all year long to support the local electronic music scene, and to promote a positive attitude towards Brussels and all its inhabitants.

We (and you, well, I) also hope for world peace and free chocolate biscuits for life.

Lastly, yolo



If you have any questions about the above, or just want to send us your love, write us at: